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Guy Dawson

Guy began as an entrepreneur at the age of 12, mowing lawns for the neighbors.  Ever since then, he has had a natural affinity and connection with business. Guy refers to himself as a “natural cheerleader” and loves to see people succeed. Starting out in the business writing website content, when it was suggested that he start a PR firm, Guy realized it was the culmination of everything he had done, Journalism, Networking and Public Speaking. He started Classy Communications with only $75 during the height of the recession. “You can start from nothing. It’s not about the money, it’s about how badly you want it.”

Guy describes his ideal client as someone who is passionate about their product and their message, and congruent with his or her purpose. “I will never give up on a person’s story unless they give up.” He believes that many businesses fail because they don’t know how to market properly and spend their money in ways that don’t serve them well. From idea to conception, Classy Communications will help create a blue print for your business, identify your core message and share it with your current and potential clients.

A resident of Las Vegas, Guy is a proud father of a son. In addition to his own firm, Guy serves as the Public Relations Officer for Toastmasters District 33, sits on the boards of Mia’s Pet Pantry and Better Days Needs Pantry. He is a member of the National Federation of Individual Businesses and is a Facilitator with Business Connections of Nevada. When he’s not working or volunteering, he enjoys personal development, fitness, travel, water sports and hopes to write about Art in his retirement.