Advantages of Being a Vendor at a Networking Event

Being a Vendor is a Great Way to Get New Contacts and Leads

If you are a professional or own a business, then being a vendor is a great way to get new contacts and leads. Answer this question quickly, and in one word: What is the number one reason you believe people attend your event? Do not say Networking because that is not the answer.

Your vendor table is not about networking. Or at least, not about networking as you are defining it and creating messages around it.

The COVID-19 era is almost over, so hosting a vendor booth is a great way to get your business noticed.

Networking was never actually the main draw. The anticipation of connecting with others definitely nudges members to register for eve

nts. But what really sells them and in particular attracts younger members is the notion of connecting with like-minded souls.

Vendor tables give you the chance to talk to people, share marketing materials and let people in your target area and target market know that you are their local connection for your business. You are also able to get contact information from interested prospects that you can follow up with later. If you advertise in a paper or  online, you have to wait and  hope that people will see your ad and then contact you. A vendor event if done correctly can create a very high return on investment for your business.

When setting up a table, a company will want to cover these four things for a successful event:

  • Basics – date, time, location, occupancy goals (vendor and attendees)
  • Purpose of the event – theme, focus, and/or purpose
  • Target audience – Who is the event for? What types of people do you want in attendance?
  • Timeline – Who is doing what, when, and where. Keep the lines of communication open and transparent within your team.

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