Cause Marketing

A Relationship

No one likes to feel like a number. If they did, the DMV would be more popular. Customers want to feel welcomed and valued. Cause marketing is a way to build a relationship. Regular or frequent customers are a huge chunk of continuous revenue. Let’s keep them coming back. A happy customer is a referral waiting to happen.

Cause marketing includes incentives for your loyal customers, charity participation and creating a sense of community.


As you’ve seen reward programs such as Starbucks’ star program or a free dessert on your birthday at your favorite restaurant, these are ways to not only gain new customers, but keep your loyal customers happy and coming back. Give your customers a reason to come back and recommend your business to their friends and colleagues.


Charity partnerships are good for all parties involved. The charity gets the helping hand or funding they need and your business gets valuable PR. Plus, you get the warm fuzzies when you help others and who doesn’t love that?


Incentives for customers and charity work create a sense of community for your customers. Your business becomes a staple, a part of daily life for them. It’s ideal for any business.

Cause marketing is a way to show your customers your appreciation for their continued business. People are more inclined to recommend a business that has a positive impact on the community. Another great thing about cause marketing is the low cost. It is an effective way to push your brand and drive sales. Your business goals can be more achievable by giving back. Every successful business you can think of has some kind of cause marketing incorporated in their day-to-day. Your business is no different. It has the same potential of any household name brand.