The New Normal With Communicating with Customers

Connect, Engage and Grow

The Corona crisis has changed how organizations market and consumers react. The “new norm” is far from normal though. There is a new way of staying in touch with customers or, in the case of nonprofits, with donors. Building lasting relationships with customers and staying connected to them has never been more important.

The Corona crisis has accelerated the trend of consumers holding brands to higher standards and social values. Research equates “doing the right thing” and “looking after one’s neighbors” with the idea that companies and consumers alike are “all in this together.”

First and foremost, be honest with your customers. Everyone loves honesty! Creating a public update on your corporate blog describing how you are coping with the situation and how your brand is helping its customers is always a good idea.

Don’t pretend everything is normal – address the issue head on.

Don’t keep your marketing the same as before. Now is the time for some great karmic marketing messages. One of the car companies in Canada changed TV ads – to say “This is where we normally would show you our great new models, but instead we want to thank the doctors and nurses for all that they do.”

Another example is the new Budweiser commercial that is also thanking the doctors and nurses.

Build your local community. Offer shout outs to those that are supporting the local community or industries that support your industry.

Use humor carefully. We don’t want to be dark and depressing, because many have love ones that are sick or at risk. Tread carefully.

Avoid generalizations or statistics that change too often. Marketing Communication stays around for a while and needs to be specific and valuable enough, without becoming dated too soon.

Give hope. People will always remember how you make them feel and giving hope in times of crisis is a great way to create positive energy.

All in all, your messaging should make each of your customers feel they are not alone. So, be honest, yet caring and sympathetic.

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