Marketing Your Business on Twitter

What is it about advertising on Twitter? Twitter is a great place to promote your blog posts, product updates, public press releases, and more. By including links in your Tweets to your website pages and landing pages, you can increase traffic right to the doorstep of your website.

There are four ways to promote Your business for FREE

  1. Offer an ‘Twixclusive’ A “Twixclusive“ is an offer that is available exclusively on Twitter
  2. Run a ‘Flock to Unlock’ Campaign. Twitter’sFlock to Unlock campaign is a way to incentivize your followers to perform a specific action in order to reveal a special deal
  3. Generate Interest in New Product Launch
  4. Promote events

Advertise (promote) on Twitter. Using Twitter is free, but if you’d like to pay to promote your account on the platform, there are plenty of advertising options at your disposal. Promoted Tweets: These ads are just like regular tweets, and they appear in a user’s Twitter feed along with posts from people the user follows.

With more than 300 million active users, Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses to reach & connect with new audiences. It is a go to social network for businesses to communicate with their fans & customers effectively. Businesses at all scales have been using Twitter to grow.

What are some things that are posted on Twitter?

  • Ask questions. Asking questions of your audience is a great way to garner engagement from your followers
  • Industry news. Posting industry news is an excellent way to get the attention of the audience you want
  • Brand announcements. Advertising your brand is great for sales and to help you gain more customers
  • Blog content. Posting things you believe your audience could be interested in is great for followers
  • Tease launches. Teasing your audience can make them want to know more and cause them to go to your website

If you do not have the time to manage your Twitter account, let us do it for you. Contact: for assistance.