Networking Power Partners

What is the definition of a power partner? Power partners can be described as people who you would want to associate with in order to have a good referral source around. Many of us over-look those around us that are a part of this definition.

Here are three business networking tips for developing power partners:

  1. Create goals for the partnership – Start with your objective: once you write out clear and specific objectives, they will boost your overall strategy and everyone will start on the same page.
  1. Cultivate relationships with business owners for partnerships – Build a shortlist of business professionals that you feel will work with you. It may take up to three months to develop power partner relationships, but put yourself out there. Connect with them on Alignable, or drop into their stores. Maybe your already know them well – these people could be affiliates or vendors who have similar customers.
  1. Organize your contact list – Create a database of connections and categorize them. Sometimes our memories get foggy. We know we met a person who can help us, but it might have been at a networking event six months ago. While face-to-face networking is valuable, if we’re not organized, it inevitably leads to us scrolling through Alignable or LinkedIn, looking for the right contact for five minutes. Instead, make a spreadsheet and tag contacts with words relevant to their business or services. Next time, it will be easy to recall the right business and refer helpful connections to your new power partners.

Always remember to go deep, not broad, in terms of your networking!

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