Pinterest Engagement Algorithm

Pinterest is a platform that has emerged for businesses to promote their brands

Pinterest is a platform that has emerged for businesses to
promote their brands. It typically draws a young millennial crowd. Thriving on engagement with posts and users, Pinterest operates in a way that is different from
Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With Pinterest being distinct from the other platforms, businesses need to consider differing ways to build engagement.

The best businesses are more focused on what they can provide the user. Self-promotion is a tactic often considered by businesses, but you’ll have better success in providing something useful to users instead. Your posts will reflect the culture of your business, and it’s up to users to decide if they like your culture. Make sure your links to other social media profiles along with your website are available to drive traffic.

Users will drift towards content that interests them, so be sure to use headlines and descriptions that will attract them. Being such a visual platform, quality content with concise description is king. Smart hashtag usage will also drive up your numbers. Content that is pinned from others should also have proper sources credited

Community engagement is very important. Users tagging and sharing content helps increase interaction. Following others and the content they post will typically yield engagement.

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