Pro’s of Internet Radio

Internet radio is expanding daily. The access to potential listeners is at your fingertips. Even traditional radio stations have moved to internet radio. This says a lot about where the listeners are. Internet radio removes the barrier of peak hours, high air-time cost and tackles the challenge of competition.

Peak Hours

“Drive time” is when the most listeners have the radio on. This is when most people are in their vehicles driving to and from work; morning rush hours, lunch rush hours and evening rush hours. Before internet radio, these time slots were very important for ratings and the farthest audience reach. Now, your show can run any time and be replayed any time by your fans.

Air-Time Cost

While some streaming sites do still charge for peak hour slots, you can record your show during any slot and have it available to your listeners indefinitely. This is a wonderful way to promote your show. You can update your social media and send out emails with “new show available” slogans.

No More Competition

With streaming pre-recorded segments, there is no competing for air-time. You can record at any time and air during peak hours. This allows you more control and flexibility of your content as well as audience reach.

The triad is an equation for opportunity and success for all businesses. Imagine airing an ad on internet radio. The cost is significantly less than that of a traditional ad spot on the air-waves. Internet radio allows you to be more creative. You can use only audio streaming if you prefer, but you can also use audio and visual streaming to grab more attention. There are many ways to apply internet radio to your business and gain more exposure. This is surely a tool that every business can use for expansion.