Utilizing Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Social Media and Facebook… Known Benefits for Business

Creating Facebook groups are great for any business. When starting a Facebook group, remember, it is not about you, it is about your business! Start inviting all of your friends, family and acquaintances. Before you invite anyone, make sure you have created it to match your business. Use a cool header that matches your website. Make sure you create a bio and add your business website, hours of operation and location. Remember to ask people to join and do not spam them with your website.

There are a few steps to creating a Facebook group and they are:

  1. Make your rules and expectations crystal clear
  2. Prioritize discussions on a daily basis
  3. Let your group know that you’re listening (but don’t talk too much)
  4. Avoid link-dropping and direct selling
  5. Emphasize exclusivity with a closed group

While participating in Facebook groups that are managed by others, it can help you promote your brand and business. You have to play by others’ rules. Managing a dedicated Facebook group of your own lets you control the entire group experience and use your group for a specific purpose.

If you‘re a new or small businesses looking to establish a presence, a group can be of great help, especially if you sell niche products.

Groups are better than pages because Groups allow for a more engaged and focused environment from your audience. While business pages allow companies a place to broadcast their updates and new content, groups allow the audience more freedom in the beginning, continuing and even driving discussions.

There are six ways to use Facebook groups for marketing

        1. Provide value for your customers – Create a Facebook group for your customers. When you create private group for customers only, it gives them the
opportunity to discuss your product, services, or goals with like-minded people. Include a link on your sales page or send emails inviting customers to join.

        2.   Use the group to follow up with customers or help them if they have questions.

       3.  Discuss current events – Groups are also great places to keep up with current events in your industry. 

       4. Build your community – Remember what I said above: “It’s not about you!” Invite everyone to your group.

       5. Communicate with brand ambassadors – Keep in touch with your biggest fans.

        6. Promote events – Facebook is great for promoting any event, big or small.

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