Why Should You Be Attending

Networking Events?

Networking events go beyond just meeting new people. This platform is an opportunity for business owners to use as a marketing tactic. There are a couple ways to be a part of an event but deciding which one requires a plan. Regardless of what position you fill, they each have their benefits.

The Networking Platform

• Cost-effective marketing tactic
• Bring awareness to your business
• Expand your database
• Build relationships with new clients
• Opportunity for vendor to vendor business

What Role Should I Fill?

• Attendee
• Exhibitor

Through both positions, you can attract new clients or suppliers by bringing awareness to your business and having exposure to other businesses. You have to be mindful of the reasoning behind attending an event.

Q: Are you there to simply introduce yourself and your business?
Q: Are you looking to find suppliers?
Q: Are you there to exchange contact information with exhibitors?
Q: Do you want to collect as many contacts to expand your database?
Q: Are there any promotions you want to share?

Once you have determined what your goals are, you can register for networking events. Generally, if you are using this platform as a marketing tactic, you may consider being an exhibitor. If you are looking to see what businesses are doing, you might be interested in participating as an attendee.

* As an attendee, it is in your best interest to connect with exhibitors. If they are willing to invest in a booth at an event, it shows their commitment to their business. *

Should I Pay To Attend A Networking Event?

Conducting research is the best way of knowing if a networking event is worth paying for. Learn about what the event is offering and how resourceful it will be to you. Research how long the event has been available and what the average attendance rate is. Also, seek information about the exhibitors and attendees. Are they your target audience? Are these individuals you want to build a connection with for business purposes? Lastly, see if the event is working with non-profit organizations. Chances are that part of the proceeds will be donated to these organizations.