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You’re great at what you do, solving problems for your customers, providing the products and services they need to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.  The problem is, you aren’t reaching the audiences you need to reach in order to help more customers.

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is being seen and heard in this noisy marketplace. Classy Communications provides advertising and PR services so that you can communicate with potential clients and stay top of mind until they are ready to buy.

Classy Publishing

You’ve always wanted to write a book. You know that it will help you position yourself as an expert in your field, bring attention to your business, provide opportunities to speak and reach a larger audience, and make your next High School reunion more palatable.

You just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Whether you need a coach to guide you through the writing process, a ghostwriter to take your content and weave a cohesive manuscript, an editor to polish your writing, a publisher to print, or a PR company to promote your finished book, Classy Publishing has you covered. We work with you through every step of the process and ensure that your message is uncovered, told, and reaches the audience it was intended.


Events/ Networking

With social media on the rise, many business owners think that the best (and only) way to reach potential customers is on the digital stage. While the internet provides opportunities to speak with individuals around the country and across the world, it will never replace the face to face, rapport building, handshake exchanging environment of networking.

Classy Communications offers networking opportunities in the form of weekly groups through TEAM Referral Network and quarterly events with Businesses with Heart.

Businesses with Heart:

As a business owner, you want to provide your customers with the best product, service, and outcome possible. However, that’s just the first step to a successful and satisfying business. In order to stand out from the crowd and create a brand with a loyal following, you need a cause. Social responsibility is more than just a buzzword, it’s a way of life that will not only help your business thrive, but will build up the community in which you live and operate.

Businesses with Heart is more than just a networking event. You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded business owners, explore different ways to support your community,  and learn the benefits of cause marketing in your PR efforts.

You can also speak with representatives from Hearts Alive Village animal rescue and discover the amazing things they are doing in the community, and how you can get your business involved.

Plus, there will always be cute dogs.

PR Connections Radio

PR Connections is a forum for businesses, non-profit organizations and celebrities to showcase what they do. We offer cutting edge concepts in public relations, marketing and personal development. Our Business Education Series features local, national and international entrepreneurs. These Experts share secrets and strategies that will make you a more efficient and prosperous entrepreneur.

PR Connections Radio is currently expanding its slate of shows and we are looking for experts in a variety of industries to host their own radio show. A radio show will:

  • Position you as an industry leader
  • Provide you with a platform to share your knowledge
  • Offer opportunities to showcase your clients and customers
  • Keep you top of mind with potential (and existing) customers

Guy Dawson is a creative mind! He understands business to business marketing and goes the extra mile for his clients.

Joe Lotito, Regional Director Tradebank of Las Vegas

Classy Communication's work on my personal statement to graduate schools helped me perfect the essay. It was almost like I had Mr. Dawson right next to me every step of the way. It was very fun and easy. Thank you for your high level of commitment to me.

Rupendra Ghatak

Guy Dawson is an expert in his field. He is a born communicator. PR Connections radio not only marketed my business on the radio, but genuinely conveyed my vision with passion and enthusiasm. This comes naturally to Guy because he is passionate about what he does. One of my favorite aspects of working with Guy is that he really cares about your success. I highly recommend and trust Classy Communications.

Tori Jones, Owner Web Design Island

Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce publicity immediately improved when I decided to work with Guy Dawson of Classy Communications. He is an excellent choice for affordable, professional public relations support. I trust Guy Dawson completely with my public image and all my publicity promotions personally and professionally.

Heidi Anderson, Director, Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Nevada PEP has partnered with Classy Communications for almost 4 years. Guy has the unique talent in finding the right words to get the message out through Press Releases. Guy’s enthusiasm, experience and tenacity make him a great partner for growing the community awareness about the services that Nevada PEP provides. He is truly a leader in the community and I value his friendship and professionalism. He is definitely a class act.

Stephanie Vrsnik, Community Director Nevada PEP

Donna and I want to thank you so much for your efforts in successful promoting Paint and Party Las Vegas. With your experience, knowledge and contacts you got our story into the major publications in town. We really appreciate your efforts in publicizing our business. Classy Communications was, is and will be our first choice for public relations, publicity and promotions.

Managing Members Paint and Party Las Vegas LLC

My connection with Classy Communications started after I asked them to write a press release for me.   Guy asked some in-depth questions, showing genuine interest in the subject matter, and subsequently wrote a very informative release about me and my business which he placed in the Las Vegas Informer online newspaper. I have since been contacted by numerous publications and organizations and have also been featured in Luxury Las Vegas Magazine, The Review Journal, The Spring Valley View, Massage Magazine and the Positive Impact Now Radio Show. More radio and magazine interviews are already scheduled. Classy Communications has been instrumental in making all this happen and I am eternally grateful for their help and involvement.

Sally Spurgeon, Owner Therapie

I really appreciate working with Guy on my own personal branding. Since I’m somewhat of an introvert, it’s never really been my nature to draw attention to myself, even when I do notable things, I tend not to share. But, Guy helps me move out of my own way so people can see my shine; this highlights the good I’m doing in the community.

Guy also helps people both inside and outside of my organization, to hear and be motivated by the personal stories and intentions behind my actions. By working this way, Guy allows the people who can benefit the most from my activities, successes, and lessons learned to see right into the very core of who I am and why I want to help.

Guy tells my stories in a way that brings the right attention, from the community of people who need to know that I am not only good person, but most importantly, that I’m amazing at what I do.

Jemond White, Financial Services Professional

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