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Sheryl Green

Sheryl Green has always enjoyed writing, however it wasn’t until a divorce shook her world, that she uncovered the power of story. Having written three novels, she now brings her penchant for storytelling to non-fiction and content writing, working with businesses and  individuals who want to position themselves as experts in their field. She leverages the power of story through blogging, website content, book coaching and ghostwriting, and speaking engagements.

Sheryl’s ideal client is an entrepreneur who is not only committed to their business but to improving the world around them. Sheryl is the author of “Surviving to Thriving: How to Overcome Setbacks and Rock Your Life,” and is currently working on a book to complement her keynote “Once Upon a Bottom Line” about the power of storytelling in sales and fundraising.

A passionate animal advocate, Sheryl is the Director of Communications and Cuddling for Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas animal rescue. She is the co-founder of the Businesses with Heart networking events and Phil-Inspired Consulting for non-profits, and a co-organizer of the Unstuck Happiness Conferences. In her spare time, she likes to read, travel, throw herself out of “perfectly good airplanes”, hike with her Beagle/Lab mix Akasha, and do yoga (also sometimes involving Akasha).